• Vigneti Brichet bring a ray of sunshine to your table

  • Genuineness is our most important asset

  • Tradition, experience, culture and quality

  • A constant commitment to the pursuit of quality

Four generations... one passion...

Behind the vineyard: the man.. This has been the philosophy we have shared for four generations; one passed down from father to son, from worker to worker, together with love for the most traditional cultivation of the Asti region: that of the grapevine, a generous plant that rewards the efforts of those who tend it with a unique and precious product.
This is why the wines of ‘Vigneti Brichet’ are so special. It is because they have an extra ingredient: the passion of the family that have made them.
The ‘Vigneti Brichet di Massasso e Figli’ company cultivate their vineyards with care, passion and professionalism in order to produce grapes that are then transformed in wines whose sale is reserved exclusively for families.
We are proud to carry on this family tradition and of the close relationship we have with our friends and customers.
Our vineyards, our labour and our traditions have been recognised as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2014.

‘Vigneti Brichet di Massasso e Figli’

passion, tradition and commitment since 1977

The wines of the Brichet vineyards are the ideal solution for a healthy, well balanced and pleasing diet.

Discover our wines

When you come to Vigneti Brichet you will discover what is a new world for you, but everyday life for the Massasso family; for them their daily life is a constant commitment to strive for quality so as to bring a ray of sunshine to your table!

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For a holiday that is different in natural surroundings and with the very best regional specialities to eat and drink .

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