Visiting and tasting

You are welcome to visit us

When you come to ‘Vigneti Brichet’ you will discover what will be a new world for you, but everyday life for the Massasso family; for them their daily life is a constant commitment to strive for quality so as to bring a ray of sunshine to your table.

Our doors are always open. We are expecting you!

It is a real pleasure to show you round our cellars


Sample our products in the Sala degustazione


You can buy these products in our Emporio del gusto


The Massasso family will be happy to give you a warm welcome and wishes you an enjoyable visit that will also be informative and interesting.

We invite you to taste our products and shall be available to show you round the production, bottling and ageing areas so that you can witness the care and standards of hygiene we observe when producing the Vigneti Brichet wines that we are so proud of.

Your visit will encourage us to make further progress, and now that technology and computing have penetrated every sector, we find it very satisfying to maintain human relations between producer and consumer — this is another reason for us to thank you for your visit, and we hope to see you again soon.

Visiting hours

We are open to visitors every day of the week by prior appointment.

Book your visit:

Tel.: 0141. 958436
Tel.: 320.6342165

How to get to us:

Coming from Asti, make for Alba. Once you arrive at Isola d’Asti, continue towards Nizza Monferrato. You will see signs for Repergo to your right.