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‘Vigneti Brichet’ wine is
reserved exclusively for family consumption

If you buy wine just to have something to drink, or you want a product that will always be the same, with the same taste, the same colour, the same alcohol content year on year, then Vigneti Brichet wines are not for you; leave them rather for people who want genuine wines that are typical of our vineyards, wines that change not merely from one harvest to another, but from one season to another.
In other words, let the people who demand the best quality wines have them.

How to order

This is straightforward, since there are no intermediaries.
You just get in touch with us directly, then await delivery to your home.
You can order the ‘Vigneti Brichet’ catalogue over the Internet with complete confidence. There you will find information on the conditions of sale.

- by post to: Vigneti Brichet di Massasso e Figli Fraz. Repergo 14057 Isola d'Asti (At)

- by telephone: 0141 958436 / 320.6342165

-byl fax: 0141 960212

- by E mail :

- or through our site:

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Delivery to your home

We take great care to pack all our wines securely and we take full responsibility for them until they arrive. We always telephone before delivery, and we are capable of dealing with any problems concerning your order with the speed, efficiency and discretion that you can expect from us.

Gift boxes

If you want to make somebody a very special gift, Vigneti Brichet offers a wide selection of Gift Boxes containing a fine assortment of authentic local specialities. Each assortment, from the simplest to the most elaborate, contains rare delicacies that are difficult to find elsewhere. Their originality and the excellent impression they make ensure that they will be most welcome, and that you will be fondly remembered!

Telephone helpline

Our telephone information service is an important and useful link with customers who want to know more about the products and our offers. When you dial 0141.958436 or 320.6342165, not only can you place your order, but you can also get any information you want about the range of products and Confezioni Regalo (gift boxes), the conditions of sale and details concerning delivery of your order.