Our story

inizia la storia della cantina vigneti brichet

1977 An idea is born: ‘Vigneti Brichet di Massasso e Figli’

It was in 1977 that Beppe, one of the sons of Adolfo and Caterina Massasso, had the happy idea of bringing together the vineyards belonging to his grandparents, Giovanni and Alessandro, located on ‘Brichet’, the sunniest of the hill crests in Repergo di Isola d'Asti.
This unique position gave its name to the family company: the Azienda ‘Vigneti Brichet di Massasso e Figli’, which has been cultivating its own vines with care, passion and professionalism for generations in order to produce the grapes that then are made into the wine whose sale is reserved exclusively for families.

cantina vigneti brichet sulle colline monferrato

A success story....

Since 1977 Vigneti Brichet have been awarded some of the most important prizes for their wines. 1985 saw the first Festa della Vendemmia, our own wine harvest festival.
The winery is continually expanding: more farmhouses have been bought, new vineyards planted, the cellars expanded and their equipment updated using the latest technology; modernization of the organization has ensured improved customer service.The numbers of our friends and customers, and also of orders, is increasing as a result of their help in finding us new ones and because of the large investments made.
The result is that we have taken a very important decision this is to reserve the wine of the Vigneti Brichet exclusively for family consumption, delivering it directly to the homes of our friends and customers.

famiglia massasso cantina repergo

... that is still going on

Today Vigneti Brichet is a modern company that is in the forefront of technology in the field of winemaking.
A major ambition of the Massasso family is to maintain the authenticity and quality of their products at the highest level whilst respecting the environment and the laws of nature, participating in the programme of production with low environmental impact (integrated development) under EC regulation No1257/99.
These are the principles underlying the relationship between the Massasso family and their friends and customers: friendship, love of nature and solidarity.
The motto that can be seen at the entrance to the cellars says it all: ‘Genuineness is our most important asset’.
. Every package of wine comes with a Guarantee Certificate covering any analysis, which vouches for the quality and authenticity of the company’s products.

vini piemontesi delle colline di monferrato

The winery is made up of four farmhouses surrounded by vineyards: ‘Il Cavaliere’, ‘La Dama’, ‘Massasso’ and ‘Vigneti Brichet’, as well as an olive plantation that since 1989 has been producing extra-virgin olive oil of exceptional quality.
We are open all the year round. During the year you can make an appointment to visit the vineyards and cellars as well as enjoy guided tastings.
When you come to Vigneti Brichet you will discover what is a new world for you, but everyday life for the Massasso family; for them their daily life is a constant commitment to strive for quality so as to bring a ray of sunshine to your table!