Vineyards and cellars

Welcome to the Azienda Vigneti Brichet di Massasso e Figli

The vineyards of Vigneti Brichet are particularly well situated on the hill crest that enjoys the best exposure to the sun in Repergo di Isola d'Asti, which is to be found between Montegrosso and Costigliole d'Asti. In our Vigneti Brichet winery we do not use chemicals nor any other type of products that might be harmful to the environment or to health, and every product of ours is absolutely genuine. In 2015 we started cultivating Merlot grape varieties.

In 2014 our Vigneti Brichet vineyards were recognised by UNESCO as part of the World Heritage Sites.

Vinification and fermentation takes place in stainless-steel tanks insulated to regulate temperatures


Oak barrels and casks in which selected wines from the very best vintages are refined and aged


Wine bottling and packaging processes are all computerised


Rigorous measures to ensure hygiene and protect quality

‘Vigneti Brichet di Massasso e Figli’ takes great care when bottling its wines, paying close attention to every detail in order to ensure that the typical flavours, tastes and bouquets are respected and will be maintained over an extended period. We have chosen several different containers for our wines: the one-litre Bordeaux-type bottle in green glass; the elegant ‘European’ 0.75-litre bottle in heavy green glass; the Champagne-type bottle in green glass; the typical green or red ‘Bordeaux’ bottle.
Once the brand new bottles have been perfectly sterilized, they are filled automatically using modern machinery whose computerized, electronically regulated system ensures precisely measured doses.
The wine is carried directly to the containers through special steel pipes; this removes any need to decant it by hand, thus guaranteeing the highest standards of hygiene. Lastly, each package of bottles is carefully sealed.