Delicacies from the ‘Cascina Massasso’

Born of our family tradition, one founded on love for natural products are:

‘Delicacies from the Cascina Massasso’

We select the most precious and unique products that nature offers us as part of a healthy diet. This constant search for excellence in the taste of wine and food and their genuineness is part of our tradition.


Vegetable antipasto

Peppers in oil and herbs

Aubergines in oil and herbs

Stuffed chilli peppers with anchovies in oil

Cheese and salami

Robiola with truffles in oil

Barbera salamini in oil

Truffle salamini in oil

Sauces and dips

Roast meat sauce

‘Bagna cauda’ – dip for vegetables

‘Bagnet Verd’ – green sauce

‘Bagnet Russ’ – red sauce

Artichoke and tuna cream

Olive sauce for bruschetta

Truffle cream

Truffle oil

Polenta flour with truffle

Rice with truffle

Piedmontese Tajarin (egg pasta)

Piedmontese Tajarin (egg pasta) with truffle

Honey and fruit

‘Cognà’ Muscat grape mostarda

Acacia honey

Chestnut honey

Peaches in Dolcetto

Sweets and desserts

Gianduja chocolate squares

Chocolate truffles

White Piedmontese Nougat

Chocolate and hazelnut ‘Ladies’ kisses’

Hazelnut biscuits

Hazelnut tart

Soft chocolate nougat