‘Parlapà’ extra-virgin olive oil

Extra-virgin oil from the olives grown on our hills
HastOlio Parlapà UlivetiBrichet

Some flavours are so special that they are much sought after and well worth waiting for.
An example of this is the unmistakable taste of

HastOlio Parlapà extra virgin olive oil.

With its fragrant, fruity flavour, this oil gives a definitely sweet and mildly spicy sensation. 
Once a year, as the time of the olive harvest approaches, HastOlio Parlapà is ordered at once by people who appreciate its quality. This is for two reasons: its exceptional nature and because it is produced in strictly limited quantities. Furthermore, it is the fruit of only the best 100% Italian leccino variety of olive grown on the Brichet in the Asti hills, gathered by hand one by one and immediately crushed in the olive-press.

It is then ready to make the dishes you set before your family unique

But it is not for everyone

It is only for those who order it in time!

As far back as the second half of the 13th century, olive-growing was wide spread in the Asti area; then, from 1700 to 1812 the winters were so hard that the Piedmontese olive-growing heritage was undermined.
1860 saw the end of the period of great cold but olive-growing for oil and as a cash crop was not resuscitated because of the growing competition with viticulture, whose products easily found commercial outlets.
In 1911, at the International Exhibition of Turin, samples of olive oil from the Asti region were acclaimed for their high quality.

In 1989 the Massasso family brought back olive trees to our hills, beginning by planting the Leccino variety of olives close to the La Dama farmhouse and then increasing olive cultivation in the following years.
Friday 4th November 2005 is a historically important date for our company. We harvested olives that were perfectly healthy, picked when they were at the right point of ripeness and immediately cold-pressed using the most efficient equipment and the traditional skills of olive-pressing.
Thus was born HastOlio ‘Parlapà’ (a Piedmontese expression meaning ‘beyond words’) the UlivetiBrichet oil from our own hills:an extra-virgin olive oil that is mild and fragrant, a real delicacy that will certainly be appreciated by any connoisseur.